White Dove Release Professionals Membership Directory USA & Canada

Listings current as of February 8, 2024

This white dove release directory was the first of it's kind anywhere, and unique in that it lists only companies that have proven themselves to be reliable and professional. The WDRP was started in 1997 with the goal of setting standards for white dove releases at a time when there were none.

Unlike the majority of white dove release directories you may come across, the members of this directory cannot pay to be listed here. Not everyone who applies meets the criteria and is able to be listed. Every member listed here has gone the extra mile and has passed a review of their peers who acknowledge that they have met and continue to meet the high standards the WDRP set in 1997. If you are looking for a professional white dove release for your wedding, a funeral or memorial, or any special occasion day, we highly suggest you start here.

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