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A white dove release can enhance your special event by adding a rich and meaningful element to the occasion.


We are a collection of "like-minded" business people specializing in White Dove Releases at weddings, funerals, and special events. Each member of our group has demonstrated high professional standards in business and animal husbandry.

The White Dove Release Professionals exists in part...

Because the popularity of white dove releases at weddings and funerals has increased at a rapid rate; so, unfortunately have the number of unethical practices of handling the birds. The purpose of this site is to promote only those professionals and their businesses that adhere to the White Dove Release Professionals code of ethics. Among our top priorities, we believe that the white doves should never be transported for any length of time; nor should a white dove release be accomplished by other than the owners. White Dove Releases is 100% behind humane treatment of White Doves.

Why You'll Want A WDRP Member To Handle Your White Dove Release:

  • Often imitated but never duplicated, the WDRP was the first and remains the only organization that restricts membership to proven professionals.
  • Each applicant is screened and voted on by the membership. Not everyone who applies is accepted.
  • Our members take pride in their work, consult with each other, and discuss the finer points of the art to best serve you and your event.
  • We will release our birds during the best weather conditions.

Wedding Ceremony with White Dove Release

From the past to the present, and into eternity, white doves have been and forever shall be a beautiful symbol of the Holy Spirit, love, hope, peace, and the soul.  A memorial white dove release is a perfect tribute to the memory of your lost loved one.  A professional dove release company will coordinate a ceremony that will honor the memory of your loved one, adding an element of beauty and personalization to the funeral service.  Releasing doves at your loved one’s funeral can provide your family with an ethereal and cathartic means of saying “Goodbye for now.”

Because doves choose one mate for life, and signify love, faithfulness, joy, and hope, including them in your wedding brings all of these elements to your ceremony in a stunning and unforgettably meaningful way. Many companies offer beautiful displays to accompany their dove releases: Such a lovely display can further enhance your own wedding ceremony decorations with touching beauty and symbolism. As the doves are released at your wedding ceremony, the guests are often surprised into a smiling hush of awe as the rush of white wings lift these lovely birds into the air.

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